Shake (AA-AAA)

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Mixed shake from AA-AAA flower

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11 reviews for Shake (AA-AAA)

  1. raee (verified owner)

    This is always great stuff to have around. Honestly it doesn’t smell or taste the best, but it gives you a decent high and is nice to mix in with other strains. You definitely notice that it’s AA-AAA since it is stronger and does taste better than the shake of the other stuff. You usually feel the high in your body well which is nice. Dry mouth hits HARD but other than that, not many other issues. I order a bit every time I place a new order. PS I’m a long time daily smoker and I still like it and get a nice, functional high. Usually smoke 3 medium sized bowls of it.

  2. ontheroad3 (verified owner)

    it is exactly what you expect it to be : shake!
    No smell nor intense taste, but does the work. I usually buy this when I am about to qualify for free shipping, as it is always more interesting to focus on budget strains if you are on a budget (you will have actual buds for pretty much the same price).

  3. Stoned_cold (verified owner)

    Really good for shake sometimes I even get little nugs

  4. Stoned_cold (verified owner)

    Great shake really keefy love this product

  5. S.C (verified owner)

    Makes wonderful edibles, and good stuff for a cheap joint to gie e to that pesky neighbour who always has a sob story.

  6. jdm_spoon (verified owner)

    Better than 1st Time…

  7. Savannahhibberd (verified owner)

    Great product! Love it everytime

  8. Zmiller (verified owner)

    Better than I was expecting. Love it. Hits harder than I was expecting.

  9. Zmiller (verified owner)

    Looks more like a quad then double to tripple a:)

  10. gphalen (verified owner)

    Used to be really good quality now its just trash.. I’m absolutely done with this company

  11. gphalen (verified owner)

    Can taste the mold in this weed from the Oz to the Shake I got thankfully OCS is open and i won’t need to smoke anymore of this below garbage weed Thanks Chronic was Legit Kronic has been trash since go

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